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Reviews from culinary leaders...

Cynthia emulates the type of person most suited for our profession.  She is a fine culinary professional and is one of the finest women I have met in my teaching career.  Cynthia is a real professional, and has the upmost respect of the instructors at MCI.  My fellow ACF Chef instructors are on record as reiterating my sentiments.


John Kinsella, CMC WGMC CCE, AAC.PhD

Senior Supervising Instructor, MCI

ACF National Past President

Certified Master Chef of The American Culinary Federation

WACS World Global Master Chef

January 2011

Cynthia has the desire, skills, and creativity necessary to succeed in the culinary arts field.  She is dedicated, a team player, willing and dependable.  She has outstanding work ethics and has shown a lot of talent in cooking labs and at fundraising events.


Alan J. Neace, Sr. C.E.C., A.AC.

Culinary Arts/Hospitality Instructor

Midwest Culinary Institute - Cincinnati State

February 2011

Cynthia has proven herself to be an outstanding student.  She excels in both the classroom and culinary lab.  Always prepared and engaged in the material.  The hospitality industry and Cincinnati State need more professionals like her.


Jeffrey A. Sheldon, CCE                                                              
Hospitality Program Chair
American Culinary Federation Certified Culinary Educator        
February 2011

Cynthia is a rare professional and has not only done what is required, but continues seeking to get as much knowledge and benefit from her education.  She has obtained several certifications in the hospital industry to compliment her degree.  Professionals of her caliber would contribute  greatly to the hospitality industry.


Donna Odom Lapasky
Personal Chef Program Coordinator
MCI - Cincinnati State
January 2011


Cynthia taught a great class with us in September on her speciality Caribbean Cuisine.  Some comments from the students: ”She was very entertaining and knowledgeable - great fun,” and, “Fun, lots of energy with great stories.  Kept my attention. With some background music (and a bit of dancing), she provided great  Caribbean flavor and ambiance.  She taught one of the most entertaining classes that we have had in a while.  We would love to have her back to teach a class with us anytime.


Joe Westfall

Culinary School Director at 


September, 2014, Joe was Cynthia’s manager















Joe Westfall

Culinary School Director at 


April, 2015, Joe was Cynthia’s manager


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