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Reviews from customers...

I love Tantalizer's Jammin' Jerk Sauce and had to introduce it to my colleagues Matt and Casey. 




My wife and I love the Jammin' Jerk Sauce.  We use it on everything including breakfast dishes.





Love the Jerk Sauce.  My wife and I have tried several brands, Tantalizer Jammin' Jerk Sauce is the best.  Great flavor!




I took Cynthia's class at CooksWares--it was terrific--so delicious and so much fun! I have made both the curry with the Mammie's All Purpose Sauce and the wings with the Jammin' Jerk Sauce, which turned out great. I would like to purchase more sauces.  I can create flavorful dishes with ease using your sauces. 





I add "De Kitchen" in almost everything I cook. I especially like it with sautéed shrimp.




The sauce turned me into a Michelin 3-star chef. This is genius!



Hyun Kim




Wow, this is!



Lashawn Inverary

Tantalizer's Calypso Hot Sauce is becoming my favorite condiment.





De Kitchen all purpose seasoning is a part of our daily cooking routine.



Kuda and Tendai


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